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USBisoVM   is a unique data acquisition device that uses a standard USB port. Plug it into your RMS unit or into a Computer.

USBisoVM   has six +/- 100 VDC electrically isolated voltmeters.

USBisoVM   uses six 24 bit Delta Sigma ADC,s to deliver accurate DC voltage readings.

Board Overview

The USB isolated voltmeter board (USBisoVM) has 6 isolated voltmeters that transfer data back to a control module via USB. The USBisoVM is a monitoring device only, and requires either a PC,SBC, or RMS unit to communicate.

Each voltmeter is capable of measuring up to ±100 VDC with 24-bit accuracy. The data and power lines for each voltmeter are isolated with a chip-scale air core transformer. This enables each voltmeter to measure different DC voltage sources without any effect on the main board or other voltages.

  • positive and negative voltages.
  • separate power sources.
  • individual batteries in a battery bank.
  • shunt voltages for equipment that may
    be drawing or generating power.
  • solar panel voltage and amperage.
  • wind turbine voltage and amperage.
  • battery charger voltage and amperage.