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Download the programmers pack Programmer's Pack used to build your own applications for the USBisoVM board.

Download version Windows Client Program USB isolated voltmeter

USBisoVM Change Log

Aug 18, 2012      BUILD

ADDED - Firmware Build Number.
COSMETIC - Touch ups.

May 10, 2010      BUILD

ADDED - Voltmeter Graphs.
CHANGED - Log file layout.

April 11, 2010      BUILD

ADDED - Logging voltages to files.

January 30, 2010      BUILD

BUGFIX - Only recognizes ISOVOLTMETER boards now.

October 25, 2009      BUILD

BUGFIX - Filter settings were not saved sometimes.
BUGFIX - Notes text box did not allow carriage return.
ADDED - Build Numbers.

August 1, 2009

Initial release.