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It was not long ago when remote monitoring systems and remote control devices were labeled science fiction. We all used to wish there was a way to gain significant savings by being able to monitor and/or control equipment in far away places instead of having to spend on transportation, manpower and lots of man hours to time and again go to and from your base of operations to the site where the equipment is located. With the rapid development of this truly helpful technology, easy and effective remote monitoring and remote control are now within your reach!

Here at EtherTek Circuits, we have been developing and manufacturing remote monitoring and control solutions for various applications since 2001. What's even better is that aside from the many uses of the technological solutions we produce, we've developed them in such a way that there's really not much to worry about once you have them installed. Our systems are ultra low in power consumption and are designed to be powered by batteries that are charged by solar, and wind.

No matter how far or remote your site's location may be, as long as there is internet connectivity, you're good to go with EtherTek Circuits remote voltage monitoring and remote control systems!

If you're engaged in businesses like agriculture, forestry, mining, security, or the military, there's a good chance you already have an idea of the many benefits you can reap from having remote voltage monitoring and control systems installed in remote locations of your business operations.

Imagine the many advantages of being able to remotely monitor and control: