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Passive POE Injector

Need to power your RMS board with POE? No problem, the passive POE injector above separates the power and data wires from POE powered ethernet cable. POE pins 4 and 5 get diverted to the red positive wire, POE pins 7 and 8 get diverted to the black negative wire. Pins 1, 2, 3, and 6, go to the RJ-45 connector on the short ethernet cable. Plug the short ethernet cable into the RJ-45 socket on your RMS board. Attach the red and black power wires to the green power input connector on your RMS unit. Plug your POE powered cable into the "Data + Power" port. Turn ON your RMS unit.

$14.95 each + shipping.

RMS Alarm Jumper Wires

Alarm Jumper Wire

These wires are for the alarm pins on your RMS board. These alarm jumper wires come five to a pack. Each wire is 5 inches long.

$9.95 pack + shipping.

RMS USB Web Camera

O-Rite USB Web Camera

Want an inexpensive USB web camera for passive indoor monitoring? These USB web cameras by O-Rite have good picture quality and work out of the box with our RMS products.

$39.95 + shipping.

RMS Steel Enclosure

Steel enclosure

Need to mount your RMS unit in a rugged enclosure? These enclosures are made of steel, have a hinged lid, have a grey powder coated smooth finish, have knock out holes all the way around to run your wires inside. Size: 12x12x4 inches, weight: 10 Lbs.

$40.00 + shipping.

RMS Power Supply

Power Supply

Need an inexpensive way to tell if your generator is outputting AC power, or to tell if it is running? Plug one of these 24 volt AC/DC power supplies into one of your generator's AC power outlets. Run the wires to one of your RMS voltmeters. When voltage appears on the RMS voltmeter, you know the generator is running and outputting power.

(Input: 100-240 AC 50/60Hz, Output: 24vdc 380ma)

$9.95 + shipping.

RMS External Temperature Sensor

RMS External Temperature Sensor

Need an External Temperature Sensor for your equipment building? Plug one of these USB external
temperature sensors into your RMS board, poke the weatherproof steel probe outside.

Cable Length: 24 feet
Temperature range: -40~+120 C
Precision: +/- 2C over entire range
Current draw: less than 10 mA

$49.95 + shipping.